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About Goalistics

Goalistics was created by two psychologists, Dr. Linda Ruehlman and Dr. Paul Karoly. Goalistics develops affordable and easy-to-use computer-based tools to aid in treatment for chronic pain and depression. Our tools help people manage psychological, social, and health-related problems that are often treated in mental health or physical health care settings. Unfortunately, several barriers stand in the way of face-to-face treatment for millions of people, including inadequate finances, reluctance to seek treatment, and reduced access in rural areas. A highly cost-effective avenue for making inroads into this problem is the use of technology as a supplement to the traditional administration of services. Technology-based programs are affordable, self-paced, and are available 24 hours a day to people with reduced access to traditional treatment, such as people living in rural areas, with communication or other disabilities, with busy or inflexible schedules, or who lack child care, transportation, or insurance coverage.

Goalistics uses a variety of electronic tools to provide a uniquely dynamic foundation for learning such as DVD, online assessments and the scoring and reporting of data, interactive learning, electronic messaging, in-stream video, online discussion forums, as well as online data tracking and graphing. Features such as self-assessment, homework exercises, and self-monitoring can be created to suit the specific goals of a program.

Drs. Ruehlman and Karoly have translated what they have learned over several decades of clinical and research experience into a set of computer based teaching tools that enable committed users to master the essentials of self-regulation. The company name, Goalistics, is meant to capture the dynamic nature of human motivation, suggesting that the path to meaningful life change is potentially within the individual's grasp when appropriate goals and supportive skills are systematically mobilized. Armed with an array of regulatory skills and computer-based supportive technology, persons subscribing to the specific programs offered by Goalistics will be well on their way toward overriding years of bad habits and reasserting their control over what they do, feel, and think.

Dr. Ruehlman is the Director of Research and also writes the Goalistics blogs. Dr. Karoly is Director of Product Development and also conducts the Expert Interview Series.

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