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Goalistics was conceptualized by Dr. Ruehlman and Dr. Karoly. After spending several years studying and interacting with people who suffer from chronic pain, they saw a need for an interactive experience that could truly help people live more fulfilling lives despite chronic pain.

photo left to right, back to front: Dr. Karoly, Wynn Netherland, Jim Mulholland, Josephine Morris, Dr. Ruehlman, and Adria Maston.

Web Site Development Team

Dr. Ruehlman and Dr. Karoly hired two specialized Web development companies to make their vision a reality. Sprout Strategies based in Chandler, Arizona and Squeejee based in Addison, Texas joined to create the Goalistics Web development team.

Sprout Strategies specializes in health care Web development and marketing. Creative Director Josephine Morris helped conceptualize the Goalistics' visitor experience while Project Manager Adria Maston kept every one on task to meet tight deadlines and produce this innovative online pain management program.

The Squeejee team, including Wynn Netherland, Jim Mulholland, Chris Lee, Jason Derrett, and Chris McCroskey, are the coding brains behind this Web site. They miraculously took all the documentation and visionary ideas and transformed them into this interactive experience using Ruby on Rails.

Content Development and Review Team

Content development was carried out with the help of our team of professionals: Dr. Philip Barry, Dr. Mark Jensen, Mr. Robert Little, and Dr. Sari Roth-Roemer. The team assisted in the creation of content, reviewed our work, and made great suggestions for changes.

Philip Barry, PhD

Dr. Barry received his graduate training at the University of Arizona, with an emphasis on rehabilitation psychology. He is currently on staff at MedPro, Division of Psychiatry, in Mesa, Arizona. He has extensive experience in treating chronic pain in a focused pain clinic setting as well as in rehabilitation, geriatric, vocational, and traumatic brain injury treatment settings.

Mark Jensen, PhD

Mark P. Jensen, PhD, is a Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington. His research program focuses on the development and evaluation of measures of pain, pain beliefs, and pain coping strategies, as well as on the development and evaluation of psychosocial pain interventions. He is the author or co-author of well over 200 articles and book chapters, has been awarded a number of grants from the National Institutes of Health and other funding sources to test and extend biopsychosocial models of chronic pain, and for his work on treatment evaluation.

Robert Little, BS

Mr. Little is an employee assistance program coordinator and licensed independent chemical dependency counselor at Grandview Medical Center, located in Dayton, Ohio. He has extensive experience in the treatment of chronic pain within the work setting and in conjunction with substance abuse issues. In addition, Mr. Little has broad expertise in the development, implementation, and oversight of training programs for counselors.

Sari Roth-Roemer, PhD

Sari Roth-Roemer, Ph.D., is the director of Arizona Medical Psychology, PLC located in Scottsdale, AZ. She is an attending psychologist at HealthSouth Scottsdale Rehab Hospital, and serves as an adjunct professor at Arizona State University in the schools of Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology. She conducts research and publishes in the areas of pain management and the cognitive and psychological aspects of medical illness. Dr. Roth-Roemer focuses her private practice in the areas of medical psychology, pain management, geriatric psychology, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation psychology.