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When Dealing with Chronic Pain - Pace Yourself!

Dealing With Chronic Pain Pace Yourself

When dealing with chronic pain, you may find it difficult to maintain a consistent activity level and engagement in life. When you have a pain flare up you may do too little. When your pain subsides, you may do too much, causing another pain flare. You may develop a pattern of resting, doing too much, resting, doing too much, resting, etc. This pattern is called a pacing problem.

To remedy a pacing problem, you will need a Pacing Plan that will help you to gradually increase how much you do of an activity, slowly and safely.

The Goalistics Pacing Tool helps you create a pacing plan that will work. With just a few pieces of information, our pacing tool creates the plan for you, puts it on your calendar, and sends you reminders to help you stay on track. We will have you well on your way to pacing yourself in no time. Start using the pacing tool now, Buy today!