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Coping with Pain: Goalistics Learning Centers Help!

The Chronic Pain Management Program has four Learning Centers:

  • Thinking Better, where you will learn to recognize, stop, challenge and replace self-defeating thoughts.
  • Feeling Better, where you will learn to practice relaxation, identify and manage emotional triggers and increase positive emotional experiences.
  • Doing More, where you will learn to pace yourself, select and pursue goals and increase your fitness.
  • And Relating Better, where you will learn to understand the difference between helpful and hurtful support, identify the kind of help you need and identify and schedule social activities.

Our Learning Centers teach you to practice new information by creating plans, tracking your progress and making change at your own pace and include science-based pain management tools that have been transformed into an online format. Most importantly, they focus on building skills, so there is less reading and more doing.

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Learning Centers for Coping with Pain