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Profile of Chronic Pain Assessments

Ever wonder if there was something more you could do that would help you better manage your pain? We think there is! Take our profile of chronic pain screen (PCP:S). The PCP:S will quickly assess your pain severity, how much your pain interferes with daily life, and how emotionally upsetting your pain feels. Sign up today! It's free.

Following the PCP:S, our Profile of Chronic Pain Extended Assessment (PCP:EA) provides a comprehensive pain assessment and profile of your pain experience. It is used as the foundation of the Chronic Pain Management Program and is included in the price of the program. This scientifically developed assessment allows us to tailor the program to meet your needs. You will immediately get a report of your results, where you can see how your results compare to a National sample of people with chronic pain of your gender and age group. Buy today!

Pain Assessment Report